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“Vings" & Cutlets

Hand battered and fried Seitan, using our house-made batter recipe. Available in cutlets, or "Vings". Just re-heat in the oven at 400 degrees for 10-12 mins. Great for your main course. Available in 1 pound packages.

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"Thai Sweet Chili" Seitan

Seitan prepared with a sweet soy sauce , spicy Thai chili’s , and fresh Thai basil. Excellent for a Thai stir fry dish. Just add your favorite veggies. Sold by the pound. (16oz).

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"Beafy Slices"

These "Beafy Slices" are savory and delicious. Ideal for Phillys, French dips, cold cut sandwiches, or grilled cheese. Add them to your salads, or just eat them out of the bag. You won't be disappointed! Warm on medium heat with oil , stirring occasional. Heat for 6-8 mins. Available in (1/2 pound and full pound packages).

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"Unreal Bacon"

Our Unreal Bacon is smoky, savory, and sweet all in one! Made from a wheat and soy blend, cooked with a variety of delicious spices, coconut oil, then finished with our secret 'maple smoke' sauce. Use it for BLT's, pizza topping, eat it with pancakes, eat it by itself, or just throw it on a burger. (Cook on Lo-medium heat with a good amount of oil for 4-5 mins, flipping a few times throughout cooking. Don't rush it. Seitan can become rubbery if overcooked). Sold in 1/2 LB packages. 

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"Steak Strips"

Slow cooked seitan in savory seasoned broth, then finished with a Chicago style steak rub and sliced into strips. Perfect for fajitas, steak sandwiches, gyros, stews, etc..


"Beaf Jerky"

Welcome to flavor country!  Made with only the best ingredients, marinated for a minimum of 10 hrs to ensure maximum flavor, then dried in our state of the art food dehydrators. Enjoyed by omnivores and vegans alike. Some say they cant tell the difference from real meat. Find out for yourself! Available in a variety of rotating flavors. Sold in 5 oz packs.